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View Diary: Egypt on Verge of Civil War/Revolution/Coup w/ Update: Tanks Surround Pres. Palace (162 comments)

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    best hopes for a resolution that doesn't end in bloodshed or guerrilla violence or a military-run state, be it overt or covert. it is a very delicate line that all of the players in this are walking, and everything going forward becomes much, much harder to resolve the more violence is involved.

    the best scenario i can imagine is a morsi resignation, a caretaker government that actually relinquishes power, and a consensus constitution involving all political players including the muslim brotherhood.

    morsi's huge misstep was in trying to write his policy agenda into the constitution, instead of waiting until after the constitution was written to push his policy agenda. the former was a betrayal of the revolution, the latter perfectly legitimate in a democracy.

    i hope the liberal, leftist and youth movements had the sense to organize for future elections in the interim. while mass protest can be effective at points, being able to run candidates  to write the constitution and run for government is pretty crucial as well.

    i am nervous as all hell about letting the army come in and force morsi out. one of the better aspects of morsi's regime was how he removed the old deep state elements left over from the mubarak era. i'm a secularist, but not as sanguine about ataturk-style politics as some here.

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