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View Diary: Egypt on Verge of Civil War/Revolution/Coup w/ Update: Tanks Surround Pres. Palace (162 comments)

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    people discuss it here, there is far from agreement on racial issues here, we could actually do some good, here.

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      I didn't realize that the consensus on racial issues here was not fairly cohesive.

      I do know that there are camps that tend to defend the defendant and others who are more sympathetic to the prosecution on any given day.  I think this trial sort of screws with those people's heads because they are used to feeling clear about who is victim and who is villain based on those definitions in most cases.

      The truth is that this is one of those cases where everyone might reasonably viewed as victim including Zimmerman who was apparently staking his life on the idea that he was given permission by the Florida State Legislature to kill anyone who freaked him out.  It isn't that I actually feel sorry for the guy because he was, it seems, looking for trouble as lone vigilantes tend to do, but there is a legal argument to be made that he was acting within the law.  Then of course Martin has lost his life and even if he was going to break into someone's house and steal a freakin' TV or something, that seems an outrageous price to pay for such an infraction.  I'm speaking in hypotheticals here - going the more esoteric route in my thinking because I think that we are becoming a nation that is ailing from heavy-handed, binary and extremist theories of what "justice" is.  

      It is troubling and sad to me.

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