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View Diary: McConnell attacks Alison Lundergan Grimes for announcing Senate bid in room without air conditioning (92 comments)

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    EricS, VPofKarma

    I gave the first one the benefit of the doubt on misjudging the precise tone intended.  But I lived right across the river from Kentucky for ten years.  And calling an opponent out for not being perfectly prepped, groomed, manicured and polished to Washington standards just isn't the kind of pitch that's going to appeal to the laid-back, no-nonsense voters of McConnell's home state.  This is so off-pitch it jars.  Whoever's making these videos, they don't come from Kentucky.  They haven't cottoned to the fact that McConnell's constituents' drugs of choice are booze, marihuana, and meth, in that order, not high-test Latte.  Not being perfectly polished is APPEALING to the working-class people of Kentucky.  It suggests more honesty and a less patronizing attitude.  Sure, professional politicos trained in Washington might be appalled at the lack of a simple checklist, but ordinary voters don't live in that world.  All this does is remind them how very out-of-touch McConnell is with their world.

    He needs to fire his video director.  Let's hope he doesn't figure that out for about five months ;->!

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