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    The US will never be the kind, benevolent places like Libya under Ghadaffi or Russia under Putin, both of whom according to you have never used military force on anyone.

    Oh BTW, here are some snaps from my vacation in Grozney

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      we disrespect international law, we lost the game.   The Obama administration has now the record of one of the worst administrations in US history as it relates to respect of the international law and respect of privacy of US citizens.   They make Nixon look like a moderate guy without scandals.

      •  What international law was violated? (0+ / 0-)
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          Barbara Marquardt, lostinamerica

          1. When people apply for asylum, it is ILLEGAL for their country of origin to interfere in the process and try to stop other countries for offering them asylum.  Biden and rest have been threatening and blackmailing countries that may accept Snowden (see Correa/Ecuador etc).

          2.  Refusing air access to the plane of a democratically elected President Morales and then searching his plane not only is illegal, but it is shocking.  Not even Bush/Cheney would dare do that.

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            Neither of those things are illegal.

            Nations are sovereign. They and only they control their own airspacce. Likewise each nation controls its own diplomacy.

            Dailykos: Where people go to prove they do not know their subject matter.

            You still have not told me what you think of Mr Putin's "peaceful" visit to Grozney.

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