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View Diary: How serious is GOP about new Voting Rights Act? (77 comments)

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  •  Do nothing strategy in order to do it all. (2+ / 0-)
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    MikeTheLiberal, a2nite

    Not acting on this is part and parcel of a plan to do it all.

    With changing demographics the only way the GOP can save itself is to remove the vote from as many colored folks as possible, and hope other whites get over being "n*gg*r lovers"...

    Its a White Power (R) plan all the way.

    - After the voting rights act in the 60s, they tried incarcerating as many blacks, hispanics, and native americans as they could, and our formerly majority-white prison system went nearly all-black (it was majority white back in the day simply because the nation was majority-white... during segregation, the prison system was almost a bastion of equality [because many blacks simply ended up on the end of a rope instead of in jail]...)

    But that just can't keep up. You can remove voting rights from the majority of the men through trumped up felonies... but you still have to deal with the women. And then the Asians started showing up en mass, and came from unconquered nations so were used to actually having rights...

    Only thing left is to try and turn back the dial on voting rights.

    They tried real hard in 2012, but this nasty thing called the Voting Rights Act preclearance got in the way...

    Now preclearance is gone, and they're likely banking on being able to get some folks in office before post-clearance laws can have enough effect.

    It'll go down like this:

    - pass a law stripping voting from any colored who looks at you shifty-eyed and can't name the local Grand Wizard of the KKK on the new 'citizen's awareness test'.

    - Win election because nobody who's not a good ol boy can vote.

    - Lose a lawsuit... have exactly 1 vote added to the other side. Declare that "our guy still won by 99% of the vote" and call it a day.

    - Lose a second lawsuit...  have exactly 1 vote more added to the other side. Declare that "our guy still won by 98.9999% of the vote" and call it a day.


    Get Supreme Court to rule that a voter is NOT a class action category, and that each disenfranchised person has to bring an individual case... and you've got it in the bag.

    The only potential flaw in the plan is that not enough whites might go along this time around...
    - But that's still only going to trouble them north of the Mason-Dixon...

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