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    need only look at the statistic to see these myths aren't true.  What percentage of the poor become uber wealthy or even middle class?  What percentage of the middle class becomes ultra wealthy?  What percentage of the rich fall into utter poverty?  In each case the answer is a vanishingly small percentage.  Given just how miniscule class mobility is, it follows that it is sociology that explains ones class position, not individual hard work and moral agency.  If you're born wealthy, you'll likely end up wealthy.  If you're born poor, you'll like end up poor.  If you're born middle class...  Well this is changing, you'll either remain middle class or become poor.  Network theory shows us that highly connected nodes in a network attract more links in that network.  The wealthy attract more wealth because they're already wealthy.  By contrast, the poor and middle class remain where they are because they're on the periphery of opportunity.  Would Dubya really have gotten where he got had he been born into utter poverty?  The Obama's of the world-- people who started out very poor and accomplished extraordinary things --are the vanishingly small exception, not the rule.  It's completely irrational to base policy on outliers like this.  I suspect that you won't find a single middle class republican that bases his 401k entirely on high risk investments.  If they're smart enough to recognize this in the case of their retirement portfolio, why don't they recognize it with economic social policy?

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