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  •  Yes, opportunity the main ingredient all people.. (4+ / 0-)

    ..derverve and what the oligarchy works day & night to control with every piece of legislation from their 'legislation mills' like ALEC and others, in their quest to remain the "makers" , the so called suppliers (of natural resources and talents/ skills and labor of the people)

      Elizabeth Warren nailed it when she so accurately exposed that the supply siders didn't/can't make anything without the working folk of the world.

    Luv the "trading places" example btw

    My example of the parasitic nature of the 1%ers is a 1974 film "Swept Away"

    The film is about a wealthy woman whose yachting vacation with friends in the Mediterranean Sea takes an unexpected turn when she and one of the boat's crew are separated from the others and they become stranded on a deserted island. The woman's capitalist beliefs and the man's communist convictions clash, but during their struggle to survive their situation, their social roles are reversed
    Who's the "taker" now?
    In other words, being born poor is the primary cause of poverty among adults because being born poor means one will receive fewer opportunities and will have fewer resources with which to develop his or her full potential.
     -  Ian Reifowitz

    And that is why I personally reject to the right wing pseudo conservatism labeled as an ideology. It doesn't rise to that level. It's just wielding financial advantage/power over another persons gifts, work and talents.

    Exploitation of others is not an ideology any more than a parasite can be called the master

    Thx Ian Reifowitz

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