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    both neurological "wiring" and bodily development are largely dependent on class/environment as well.  The genome is not a "blueprint" that unfolds inexorably regardless of what environment one happens to be born into.  It's a set of potentials that can be activated in a variety of different ways depending on the nutrients one is exposed to growing up, the weather conditions in which one lives, the sorts of labor one does over the course of development, the stimuli (or lack thereof that one encounters) and so on.  Two wine grape seeds that are entirely identical genetically will produce different phenotypes depending on the region of the world in which they're grown.  It's no different for humans.  The problem with the neoliberal ideology so nicely critiqued in this diary is that it conceives humans as existing in a vacuum, having no environment whatsoever, all facing the same choices and opportunities.  Based on this individualism, it then concludes that we're all self-made and that if things don't work out for us it's because of some moral failing.  It's incumbent on us to vigorously fight this view not simply because it's just plain false, but because it leads to an absolutely noxious and unjust form of governance.  

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