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View Diary: Is Gay the New Black? (29 comments)

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  •  I support the gay movement but this is ridiculous (0+ / 0-)

    There is no way sexual orientation discrimination and racial discrimination are equal. I'm a supporter of the gay movement, but this is ridiculous. I would have to come up to you and ask you if you're gay cause you're able to conceal the fact that you are, hence the term "in the closet", with racial discrimination you cannot hide that. You can even compare homosexual discrimination to religious discrimination, but not racial discrimination. My skin color is brown, I am not from the Middle East but I am categorized as such. I would say I have ground to stand on saying that brown is the new black. One, brown people are pretty diverse and probably a huge population globally. There are so many different kinds of brown people that it's sometimes impossible to differentiate between some (especially if you like to stay ignorant). But when racial discrimination occurs we do not have the PR system that black people have. All the brown people aren't going gathered together for million man march cause they do not see themselves as the same race, most have weird issues with each other; For example, Hispanics hate being grouped as just Mexican. If somebody racially discriminate someone with brown skin no one really cares or if someone says something inappropriate that offends brown people as a whole, again nobody cares. Don't get me wrong there is a small percentile of minorities that may care, but nothing in numbers compared to gay support. If you are gay you have more media support as well and your sexual orientation isn't tatted on your four heads. I hate the comparison to terrorist and discriminated immediately because people assume I'm Muslim for some reason. I really think this is an unfair comparison.

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