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View Diary: The real reason the NRA opposes background checks - with poll (70 comments)

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  •  So jail the smuggler. (3+ / 0-)
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    theatre goon, FrankRose, KenBee

    Is it that hard to come up with that course of action?

    Prosecute the guy who crosses state lines.

    And by the way, adding another background check to the process doesn't change your situation one tiny iota.

    I am pretty cynical about YOU in particular, and I bet you know this already, but there is already a law on the books that the smuggler is breaking when bringing guns from georgia to massachusetts. Why not prosecute that?

    If only your MAIG golden boy bloomberg would deploy his nypd teams on breaking the smuggling rings instead of sending them outside of their jurisdiction to run surveillance on muslims.

    And any minute now your RASA buddy detroitmechworks will pop in with that bingo card claiming that I'm deflecting "real progress against gun violence".

    Now get yourself a song to sing, and sing it till you're done.

    by JayFromPA on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 11:53:39 AM PDT

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    •  And the law is enforceable how? Checkpoints for (3+ / 0-)

      all cars, trains and buses crossings state lines?  Talk about intrusive. In any case, the ATF does not even have a budget to get started on this - the Congress that the NRA owns made sure of it.   Of course background checks will help reduce the number of straw purchases that get smuggled daily across state lines. Right now people buy legal guns and easily transfer them to these smugglers. If the people have to do a NICS on every sale/transfer:
      1) They'll think hard about being used/paid to buy guns for these people, and
      2) Some of these smugglers will likely turn up in NICS.

      As far as the bingo card, you keep repeating "that won't work" as the answer to any solution presented. As they say in Cuba: al que le pica es porque aji' come.

      •  Easy. Those guns are not untraceable. (3+ / 0-)
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        theatre goon, FrankRose, KenBee

        It's funny. You get pissy at georgia, but really should not.

        In 2012 there were exactly 999 guns recovered and traced in massachusetts.

        Georgia was the source for 42.
        Maine was the source for 72 of those guns.
        New hampshire was the source for 129 of those guns.
        Massachusetts was the source for 453 of those guns!

        Now, what the hell is a bigger problem for YOU, those 42 that came from georgia or the 453 that came from the gun shops IN YOUR STATE?!?!

        Source, the ATF that you claim is so strapped for cash.>

        Now get yourself a song to sing, and sing it till you're done.

        by JayFromPA on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 04:36:28 PM PDT

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