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View Diary: Rod Parsley and Perry Stone: Obamacare is bringing on the End Times (23 comments)

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  •  if memory serves, Parsley is a prosperity gospel (4+ / 0-)

    guy who has been around for a while; for a blast from the past
    Of course it appears that dominionism is the dominant theology of the day among evangelists.  Even top drawer types such as D James Kennedy and Jerry Falwell kowtow to the altar of Rushdoony along with a host of lesser lights.  I even had an epiphany today as I realized that even Billy Graham, perhaps the most widely admired evangelist of the 20th Century had apparently succumbed to the siren song of Dominionism.
    Now his son Franklin is a more rabid version of the sect but it seems that Billy Graham himself has drifted from "Big Tent Christianity" to a more militant rightwing message.

    Parsley is just attempting a resurrection of his ministry as it seems his jet needs upgrading and he can't find a few odd millions to pay for it.  Matter of fact, it seems to me for many in the ministry, it has become a sort of job with the pulpit being passed down from one generation to the next with little actual belief from the purported shepherds of the flock (but then shepherds are supposed to shear sheep, right?)  

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