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View Diary: GOP Colorado recall candidate discovered to have written 'erotic romance' novels (178 comments)

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  •  now i'm really lost (0+ / 0-)

    we started out talking about a specific person's book that, judging by the cover, one excerpt and a few amazon reviews, does not seem to be written at a very sophisticated level.

    i said, well at least she has been published, which is more than i can say for myself, and there is an audience for romance novels written at the level of people who don't read very well.

    somehow this got turned into trashing the entire genre?  i still don't see how.

    it is true that people who don't read academic writing for a living deserve to have magazines, newspapers, and erotic novels written at their reading level.  I'm not one of these publishing snobs who believes that every magazine has to be Foreign Affairs, every newspaper has to be the Financial Times, and every novel has to be The Brothers Karamazov.  I've read all the Harry Potter novels more than once and they are written at a middle school level.  Right now I'm reading a Stephen King novel that is also written at a middle school level.  High reading comprehension does not automatically mean better.  Referring to something as being understandable by poor readers is not an insult.  Besides, these days, most pleasure readers of romance novels and everything else are reading at a lower comprehension and vocabulary level than in the past.

    LBNL, don't assume the genre is not my cup of tea.  I've read my share of romance novels over the years.  Always looking for suggestions.  Every once in a while a friend will tell me about one that is not written at the middle school level (or one that is written at the middle school reading level that is still interesting).

    I can only speculate about why you and Mnemosyne and wonderful world jumped to the conclusion you jumped to.  If this is your thing and you are this touchy about assuming general slights where none are stated, that's about you, not me.

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