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  •  Your new trainee (2+ / 0-)
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    LilithGardener, Ahianne

    --and you, yourself, as well as the young customer you described -- are on the front lines in the divide-and-conquer strategies of those who hold the only meaningful privilege left -- extreme wealth.  

    All three of you must work your way through life. But education is costly, decent jobs are scarce, and the idea of trade/craft apprenticeship has given way to union-busting and privilege-based unpaid internships.

    You are led (by media and political grandstanding and seriously flawed identity politics) to distrust everyone, fear solidarity, and spend what resources you manage to capture on transitory consumables that fool you into thinking you're somehow on a track to success.  

    I'm glad that, at 24, you are thoughtful and literate enough to compose this diary.  Bridges don't build themselves, and as you've suggested, the plans we're using need some updates.

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