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View Diary: State of Montana Introduces Legislation Limiting Access to Cellphone Carriers' Customer Metadata (22 comments)

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  •  "Metadata" is imprecise, that's all (0+ / 0-)

    I was clarifying that the law is not about call data (number called, duration, time of call) metadata but only location data (not clear, but I assume they intend this to be both GPS location from a device and tower data) metadata.

    •  If it is, your definition of "metadata"... (0+ / 0-)

      is different than the one I'm familiar with.

      And the Guardian's.

      Metadata is information generated as you use technology, and its use has been the subject of controversy since NSA's secret surveillance program was revealed. Examples include the date and time you called somebody or the location from which you last accessed your email. The data collected generally does not contain personal or content-specific details, but rather transactional information about the user, the device and activities taking place. In some cases you can limit the information that is collected – by turning off location services on your cell phone for instance – but many times you cannot.
      And also the Times'. (the basis for this diary)
      Legislators in that state recently passed a bill that requires the police to obtain a search warrant, based on probable cause, before they can use a cellphone carrier’s records to establish a suspect’s location.

      That kind of “metadata” can be incredibly valuable, as law enforcement agencies discovered long before the rest of us. The cellphones we carry everywhere establish a clear log of our daily travels and can go a long way in telling the story of our lives.

      It's location, location location, to coin a phrase.

      'Cuz freedom cannot protect itself ~~ EFF ~ EPIC ~ ACLU

      by markthshark on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 05:08:26 AM PDT

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      •  Not sure what your point is. (0+ / 0-)

        The law that you are talking about, that you provided a link to, doesn't talk about metadata. It talks about location data.

        Location data is a specific class of "metadata."  Metadata is simply "data about data." Talking about metadata is wholly imprecise in the context here.

        In the two quotes you pull simply point out the problem with talking generally about "metadata."  In the telephony context, metadata means something different than in the email context, and different than in the internet browsing context, and different in the traffic camera context. All of these situations have "content" (the actual product of the activity, telephone conversation, email message, rendered browser content, video) and then the whole host of data that describes the content.

        The Guardian quote is actually wrong in the context of the story, they are talking about the Verizon warrant, the materials released by Snowden state that the collected data is traditional "pen register" "metadata" meaning number called, time of call, duration of call.  Location data is not, according to the leaked materials, being collected.

        The Times quote is correct, but imprecise, as I said, read the Montana law you linked to and you won't see the word metadata, but instead the more correct "location data" (might be information not data).

        So, no metadata IS NOT "location, location, location" it can include that, but it is more (and less) than that.  Using metadata as a scare word does little to inform the discussion.

        •  If you have a problem with the Times'... (0+ / 0-)

          article then fine. Say that. But don't accuse me of using the term, "metadata" as a "scare word" when it was quoted from the article as including location.

          I never said the term is defined solely as a reference to location.

          'Cuz freedom cannot protect itself ~~ EFF ~ EPIC ~ ACLU

          by markthshark on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 07:42:18 AM PDT

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          •  Um, you did post above, right? (0+ / 0-)
            It's location, location location, to coin a phrase.

            'Cuz freedom cannot protect itself ~~ EFF ~ EPIC ~ ACLU

            by markthshark on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 08:08:26 AM EDT

            I'm not trying to pick a fight, but you seem to want one, c'est la vie.

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