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    I truly don't know who's getting the greater benefit from this diary: you, or me. I get all catharticised (it's a word, now, OED, people!) and let go off all the toxin I soaked up from soup to  nuts, AND I get the incredible benefit of your wonderful comments.

    You guys get... yeah. False modesty doesn't drape well on me, so I won't say "golly gee, thanks for being so nice,  beyond nice" and all of that claptrap you miraculously put aside.

    But you guys  get "it". What I'm doing, and why. I have a feeling I'm going to have to paw through the 4th manila envelope that I ominously titled "Sam Fucks Up".

    'Cause I did. A lot.

    But CHT-RW shall rise again... ucch, treacle.

    Saturday, I  hope to have more, but I had a fairly enormous emotional crazy time yesterday, and stepped in some soda (that I, myself and Irene threw in a rage), and slipped and fell pretty hard on my already iffy back, and that pesky umbilical hernia that my doctor told me not to put pressure on? I think I mostly hit the deck on my right side, but that hernia let itself sing arias of 'OWWWWWWWWWWW' last night and today, so I might need a physical and mental tidy for a few days.

    And, thanks again. Always thanks again.


    The hubs eem'd around to see who would take my poor (literally poor), unemployed, disabled self and I got a call from one of them, and I have an appointment next Tuesday for a consult. (The wonderful woman who listened to my tale of poverty and K, and she said...  chas v'chalilah,
    I'll tell you later because I am terrified that this is all a dream and the doctor next week will tell me, "Oh, this isn't a hernia, it's a virulent strain of rhino flu or C or something else that's icky and deadly."

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