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View Diary: Tedious Meta: Daily Kos is not a gameshow. (272 comments)

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  •  Not a problem for me (5+ / 0-)

    I stayed away for a couple of months ... nothing terrible just to busy to be here often and the news was depressing ... so I lost most of mojo. I recently got enough mojo to recommend but not to HR or read hidden comments.

    When I did have enough mojo, I did not HR anyone but I did look at the hidden comments.  Now, I have found that it is easier to just read and digest or ignore or tell myself WTF but go on with my life.  It is kind of nice, almost peaceful, not to be tempted to feel as if I have a weapon in my hand that I can use to sap someone else. It gives me more freedom to just read and make up my own mind.

    As for all the replies/additions to comments, I refuse to read to more than two levels away from the comment.  I really hate when people start having private conversations/arguments instead of responding to the original diary.

    So right now I can do only positive things like recommend or comment ... pretty sweet deal as far as I am concerned.

    I hate liars and I really hate skim milk which is only water that lies about being milk.

    by CorinaR on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 12:15:56 PM PDT

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