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View Diary: Freedom From Religion Foundation Counters Hobby Lobby's Fourth of July Ad (93 comments)

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  •  I'll take it a step further and say I believe in (12+ / 0-)

    the separation of myself from Hobby Lobby.  I can't stand that damn place. It's like going into a mega church, with aisle after aisle of popsicle sticks, plastic flowers, plaques with bible quotes, and clerks with smiles so tight they look like they were put on by decoupage.    

    Call me a Heathen-American if you will, but when I think of tax dollars going to support bible thumping zealots, I'd just as soon buy my feathery, sequined refrigerator magnets ready-made at Satan's Dollar General.

    Happy 4th of July everybody!

    •  I have gone there (6+ / 0-)

      only when visiting my mom because it's the closest place that has what I need and she's always got projects for me to do when I visit.

      Plugged my nose and did it. Last trip I joked to  her as we approached the register, "fine they're getting my money. But at least I have the satisfaction of knowing it's coming from a godless,  pro-choice, liberal , LBGT equality supporting person."

      And my mother, who still goes to Mass every week she can and loves her heathen daughter, son-in law, and grandson, joked we'll they're getting my papist money too so there.

      Fortunately between the two of us we spent maybe $10. I spent far more at an independently owned bead store.  

      We view "The Handmaid's Tale" as cautionary. The GOP views it as an instruction book.

      by Vita Brevis on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 04:40:19 PM PDT

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