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  •  We also have books in every room, Webranding (8+ / 0-)

    My husband is a retired high school English and drama teacher (38 years) and I'm a retired book and journal editor/publisher (30+ years). In addition, we both write a little fiction and have manuscripts to store. On top of all that (sometimes quite literally), my husband has kept scripts and videos of every play he ever produced, directed, or performed in. And, finally, he's a movie fan(atic), so...more videos.

    A few years ago, both his mother and my mother died within a few months of each other. I was overwhelmed with stuff I thought I needed to save... more books, china, photos, jewelry, antiques, everything.

    Recently, we found someone to convert the most treasured videos to DVDs. And, I've found a used bookstore where I can take in 20 books at a time and come home with only 4 or 5 different ones. So, we're slowly winnowing it down. Now, I'm 66 and my husband's  72. Neither of us is in very good health. I'm determined not to leave our children with the chore we had on our hands. We've already given them all they'll take. I wish I could see our collections again through young eyes like yours.

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