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  •  From a 2011 study (12+ / 0-)

    published by the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources, titled The Rain Follows The Forest:

    Even without rain, Hawaii’s native forests can absorb moisture from passing clouds that condense on the thick vegetation. Intercepting cloud drip increases water capture by as much as 30% of rainfall, and increases groundwater re-supply by 10-15%.28 On Lāna`i, fog water supplies even more water than direct rainfall.29 There, loss of the forest’s fog capture would reduce by half the island’s only water
    Numbers after sentences refer to other studies. These figures are close to what Dr. Arcadia quoted about redwood forests.
    •  this is really interesting in stream flow measurem (2+ / 0-)
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      Polly Syllabic, cotterperson

      measurements of norcal rivers...but since we probably don't have good info on rainfall and river levels before logging it is really hard to compare..but maybe there is something anyway to be gleaned.

      I will ask elsewhere and see if the water flowing can be correlated to post logging mass and fog capture...that is a huge volume.

      Can it be said that a forest with half the biomass has half the fog capture? any basic understandings or rules to this..of course I am referring to the NW coastal forest, yet the experiences of the santa barbara channel mainland and islands well represents the waste that occurs when massive oak forests are removed for farming and cattle and lumber.

      The islands are still recovering from being changed to sand dunes because of logging for fuel for whale oil rendering at Goleta for example.

      This machine kills Fascists.

      by KenBee on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 11:23:12 PM PDT

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