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View Diary: There is No Third Way: Throw Them Off The Bench Before They Throw You Out of the Voting Booth (209 comments)

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  •  Is Clarence Thomas a 'moron'? (0+ / 0-)

    Technically, almost certainly not.  But I did notice this from his wikipedia page:

    "Thomas has recollected that his Yale law degree was not taken seriously by law firms to which he applied after graduating. He said that potential employers assumed he obtained it because of affirmative action policies. According to Thomas, he was 'asked pointed questions, unsubtly suggesting that they doubted I was as smart as my grades indicated.'"
    I find this telling for a couple of reasons.  First, when I get asked 'pointed' questions (assuming I understand the word the way Clarence Thomas does) in an interview, I assume it's because the people interviewing me think I can answer them -- and want to see me answer them, maybe in a better way than anyone else had up to that point.  But Thomas gets asked hard questions and appears to think, "Oh they wouldn't be asking me these questions if I was white.  They think I'm one of those stupid black people who got through under affirmative action."  Note also the undertone of, "they're only making things hard for me because I'm black".  It's a little creepy to see a Supreme Court Justice blaming racism in others when he is challenged, but perhaps, given his clearly stated views on affirmative action, maybe it's no surprise.  I'm just a little shocked to see a grown-up thinking this way.

    I have noticed at least one thing in my life: being smart is no proof against people (some people, anyway) thinking you're stupid.  But truly stupid people seem to be uniquely clever in coming up with complicated explanations for why people think they're stupid.  And this "everybody thinks I'm stupid because they assume I got where I am through affirmative action" theory seems to be one of those 'complicated explanations'.  And this also reveals the logical flaw in Thomas's 'complicated explanation'.  Even a person assuming he got where he is through affirmative action wouldn't necessarily assume further that he was stupid without some other corroborating evidence: smart people get promoted under affirmative action too.

    And anyway, smart people don't really care.  I don't know Clarence Thomas personally, and to be honest I don't really think I would want to, but this, I'm afraid, is the primary reason I think Clarence Thomas, far from being a victim of racism or a victim of affirmative action, may just simply be stupid.

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