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  •  BART needs new management (5+ / 0-)

    I know exactly what "kerfluffle" as you describe is about.  I've been dealing with this crap for many years (even lived through the 1990's when there was a last major BART strike) being a Berkeley native and if there's anything this BART strike has taught me, BART's management overpromises and under delivers.

    Here's what BART Union employees said:

    We have tried for months to work with BART’s high-paid negotiators to address critical safety issues in the system.  Workers have died because of the current lighting situation, but BART refuses to address this issue at the bargaining table.  We want to open bathrooms in stations and keep them clean and safe, but BART won’t address that either.  We want to ensure that the system is fully staffed so we have the capacity to keep trains, tracks, and riders safe.
    As I pointed out on my comment, if BART union workers have their concerns, well, I think customers should voice their concerns too if they aren't so wimpy and take things for granted now that BART is back in operations.

    And BART customers should hold BART General Manager Grace Crunican, BART management and the BART board accountable for the delay in what I pointed out in my comment.  Culture at BART isn't going to change anytime soon until the problems are fixed.

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