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    Hubbie and I went up to nearby Montreal yesterday to experience the Mosaicultures Internationales Montreal 2013 at their Botanical Gardens.

    In lay terms, there are these magnificent creations made nearly completely from flowers/plants/leaves. There might also be some man made bits to fill in for accent as needed.

    The small ones were still as tall as a human, the large ones (including the one seen in an ad run on a local TV station called "Man who plants trees") are several stories high. The theme is Land of Hope. Mother Earth even made an appearance.

    For anyone who enjoys botanical gardens and natural beauty, and doesn't mind walking in a bit of heat with lots of other happy viewers, this is the place to go.

    This riot of horticultural artistry will simply blow your mind. We took plenty of pictures and could not stop saying wow.  

    If I did this link right, it should give you the details you need:

    A Must See

    According to the program guide, I think it can be visited and enjoyed until Sept 2, 2013. I can imagine the fall colors will be cooperating by that time and simply add to the beauty. The regular tickets are good for two visits and we are pretty confident we are going to return nearer its conclusion to say our goodbyes.

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