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  •  Abortion may not be murder but, it is killing or (2+ / 0-)
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    ailanthus, Whatithink

    rather culling potential human life.
    By depicting the medical procedure as some cold clinical emotionless procedure, you sell short the feminine POWER to choose life or death of her conceptions.  Pretending that abortion is "no big deal" or inconsequential as the action of choice between life and death, you denigrate that natural feminine power.

    •  That is a personal belief (5+ / 0-)

      And you are entitled to it.  But it is not something the government should pontificate about.  

      •  On the morality of abortion, (3+ / 0-)
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        ailanthus, Womantrust, boofdah

        it should be noted that not everything that results in death is murder.

        Suppose I don't donate to Oxfam, and as a result, they feed one fewer person in Africa, and that person starves to death.  Most of us would not say that I murdered that person.

        If you believe a fetus is a person, it is still a stretch to believe that it is entitled to use a woman's body against her will, even if its survival depends on it.  Being pregnant should be viewed as comparable to an act of charity on the part of the woman.  Charity is ordinarily a good thing, but whether to offer it is a personal decision.  Failing to be charitable is not murder.  Charity is not obligatory, and the fetus is not entitled to it.    

        •  That is an interesting angle (1+ / 0-)
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          And one which can make sense unless -- one also recognizes that if someone is in danger off dying right in front of you and you have the power to save their life, you are under a moral obligation  to do all you can to do so. In some places it,is a crime to withhold life saving aid, such as refusing to go to the aid of a sinking ship on the high seas. Or in war, it would be a crime under some circumstances to abandon comrades to save your own life.

          And of course the forced birthers can flip the argument and say that by refusing to allow woman to have access to an abortion, they are saving a baby's life.

          You may belief a fetus is a life because it is a potential life. I understand that. But that is not what the forced birthers purport to believe. They argue that a fetus is a human life and by denying abortion, they behaving charitably toward another person they deem more worthy of charity that the woman who is hosting the fetus.

          •  If being a good Samaritan is legally required, (2+ / 0-)
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            Womantrust, DSPS owl

            I don't think it extends to requiring people to put their own life at risk, donating parts or use of their own bodies, or placing an undue psychological, economic, or health burden on themselves.  I think there have been court cases where people would die without a blood transfusion or kidney transplant, and it was decided that people could not be legally required to donate blood or a kidney even if the potential recipient would die.  It seems to me that a fetus is in a comparable situation.  

            Of course, in most cases, it would be a kind and generous thing to donate blood or a kidney, but a person could have many legitimate reasons for not wanting to do it.  Kindness should not be obligatory.  

            Forbidding abortions is treating pregnant women as having fewer rights than other people concerning the use of their own bodies.  And discrimination against pregnant women ought to be illegal.  

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