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    Vyan, I don't know if you are Indian, but you hit a big nail right on the head for Indian policy whether by that is meant tribal government or what Robert Odawi Porter calls federal Indian control law.  What is the shelf life of a social debt, however incurred?

    In the US, we must confront some of the biggest social debts that can ever be toted up.  The whole country was founded on stolen land using stolen labor.

    Take your pick: you've got your slavery, your genocide, your ethnic cleansing, your systematic rape, homicide with impunity, stacked deck justice there an evil unknown to North America?

    But I don't see how you can say, as a matter of ethics or of realpolitik, that policies under the rubric of restorative justice have no limits?

    There is no way to repair what has been broken, and while the current population benefitted from past crimes, there is a sense in which they are innocent unless you believe in corruption of blood.

    Also, we historical victims are not without fault in how we have treated others at times in our histories.

    "Use every man after his desert, and who should ’scape whipping?"

    I'm not saying you are wrong in the specific, but you are wrong in the general.  There comes a time when social debts are satisfied or repudiated but they are gone and it is not a good for either the creditor or the debtor to dwell on it.

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