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View Diary: States starting to take action on retirement security (42 comments)

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  •  It happened...the states are broke and (0+ / 0-)

    can't make up the money in higher taxes alone so they create a mandatory investment scheme that nobody contributing will ever see because they will do with it what they always do with it...gamble it on a market inherent with risk, more apt to go down than up, and then raise their hands in the air and say, "it looked like a good bet...sorry, we blew it..but we have this other scheme here that has great potential and much less risk. We just need a few moremandated buckos"and so it goes. And people wonder why people sour on government helping us out! It needs to be completely government-run without risk that you get x in return OR you INVEST don't get it  oth ways! And the former is called Social Security. What kind of idiot frames a solid, reliable government retirement program as one requiring mandated investment that can go belly up at any time? seriously! Theyreally takes us for fools!

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