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View Diary: KY-Sen: A Golden Opportunity is Here to Defeat Mitch McConnell, Donate to Alison Grimes Today! (17 comments)

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  •  Thank goodness Alison has fixed the horrendous (1+ / 0-)
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    thing that she was trashed for on this site earlier today for
    (for not having a web site or place for people to contribute). She was trashed for that by a major contributor on this site (as well as Politico) and for making the never-to-be-forgiven mistake of...asking her supporters whether they wanted her to run...before announcing her run.

    Thankfully, she hasn't allowed these petty criticisms from enabling her and her campaig to move quickly to fix these horrendous injustices (which also makes me wonder if these sames sources of petty criticism now plan to applaud her for acting quickly to fix these things).

    Oh...and lets not forget one of the most important issues that Alison should raise during this campaign: Mitch McConnell's ludicrous contention that "there's not enough money in politics." Not only does he oppose campaign finance restrictions, but he's gone so far as to say that, in his view, not only is there not too much money influence in politics, but that he believes "there's not enough money in politics." And he's never backed away from that ludicrously out-of-touch statement. It shows exactly how out of touch he is, with Kentuckians, Americans and...with reality.

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