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  •  pharma/med & govt contractors blur that chart some (0+ / 0-)

    in 2 ways:

    #1 that pharma and medical supply/services have been the sturdiest combined profit-growers (many would call it profiteer'ers0 thru'out the Current Depression (just callin' it what it is) compared with pretty much all the rest of the economy (according to med lit i read extensively, also the Time magazine reportage of a few months ago - Jon Stewart interviewed the journalist, youse-all probably remember his name).  
         both pharma mfr'g and med supply/serv are small-footprint industries as far as production-plant real estate is concerned, relatively speaking, often even small footprint in terms of other equipment capital investment.  but especially pharma tend to be international companies, so we have no choice but buy their products while their jobs contribute nothing to our economy.  (btw, one of the biggest of them recently fired their head of mfr'ing in China because of product {i.e., drugs} quality issues.)  it would be informative to overlay the above jobs chart with a corporate sector profits chart.  or even a corporate gross chart (no pun intended).

    #2 defense spending and the jobs involved [re]open the question of how cost-effective is it, both in terms of outlay and in terms of american jobs, for government to hire private business to serve the american people.  a recent news comment i heard [probably on msnbc] pointed out that overbuilding and overpatrolling our southern Big Fence was an early and huge xmas gift to Halliburton et al, as was previously the Bush Wars.  increasingly we see government service to citizens farmed out to private business that in previous eras was work done by the army corps of engineers, etc.
          does the quality of contractor products/services (e.g., infrastructure such as bridges and flood-control channels, among more obvious prods/servs) and the jobs added to the economy --including overpaid executive jobs-- by the govt hiring private contractors justify what have often been bizarre-in-the-extreme corporate profits, and bizarre-in-the-extreme propensity of those corporations and their employees to engage in actions as if they are above the law or licensed by their govt contract to act criminously [Blackwater comes to mind, among others].

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