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View Diary: Cut Off U.S. Aid to Egypt? It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law (80 comments)

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    "The only problem I see with why the US should withhold money, in terms of trying to make sure oppression of the supporters of the MB does not occur, is that I'm not sure how much withdrawing aid will make the military behave rationally. People tend to behave quite irrationally during a crisis."

    I would be the first person to concede that cutting U.S. aid, or threatening to cut U.S. aid, might not achieve such goals as stopping the repression of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. I would be the first person to admit that the U.S. is not all-powerful in Egypt, and that Egyptian political actors might do whatever they want regardless of the U.S.

    [Furthermore, I actually think that under the circumstances, the Obama Administration's policies in Egypt have actually been more reasonable than much of the criticism of its policies.]

    But the standard for judgment isn't: what's guaranteed to work. The standard is: in what direction should the U.S. be pushing. Now the U.S. should be pushing back hard, with whatever leverage it has, against military rule and against repression, and in favor of real political inclusion. That's going to be very hard right now, but that's the direction that the U.S. should be pushing.

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      I've been reading my Twitter feed today, and right now, I genuinely worry about the possibility of...well, not civil war. The supporters don't have the firepower for it, but it can't be good if a huge percentage of the country genuinely believe that they have been robbed of a democratically elected official - even if it's bs. People have been willing to die for less.

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      by moviemeister76 on Fri Jul 05, 2013 at 06:41:48 PM PDT

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