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  •  How to cure a ground squirrel infestation. (3+ / 0-)
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    I've found the best way to destroy a ground squirrel infestation is using a combination of smoke bombs, baited trap, and electronic rat traps. The best brand of smoke bomb is Giant Destroyer; it takes 2 or 3 bombs per squirrel hole and sometimes requires multiple applications.

    There is a propane gas system that pumps propane into the squirrel's tunnel system and then ignites it, causing an underground explosion, but the system is very expensive.

    To fix some of the damage cause by ground squirrel excavation activity, the best system is a powered sand slurry rig but this is very expensive. If you're lucky, an exterminating contractor in your area owns one and can fill your tunnels.

    Ground squirrels are destructive creatures in a residential environment. They will dig tunnels beneath the foundation of your house, causing eventual collapse. They dig into septic fields and near septic tanks, requiring expensive septic repairs. And they dig in and around tree roots (unlike gophers, though, they don't eat roots) and cause the death or collapse of the trees.

    One tries to live harmoniously with nature but in years like the past 2 or 3 in Arizona, with record rainfalls, the vegetation overgrowth causes a ground squirrel population explosion and they will overrun residential properties.

    I wish you good luck in dealing with your own ground squirrel infestation if you're unlucky enough to live in an area they have conquered.

    A waist is a terrible thing to mind.

    by edg on Sat Jul 06, 2013 at 10:11:30 AM PDT

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