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  •  Presidents are presidents of ALL the people... (7+ / 0-)

    ...that's not a's a fact. And, no matter who runs, from what perspective and what party, everyone, especially their supporters, need to understand that presidents are presidents of ALL the people and, while their stated goals, positions and platforms, for the most part, may be what they truly intend, they are only that...intentions.

    This American citizen has no delusions about what a president can and cannot do. It is a fact that once someone becomes president, their entire approach to everything must change, by necessity. There's a big difference between wanting the responsibility of a president and having it.

    In my opinion, President Obama has done better than most in trying to live up to those things he said he wanted to achieve.  

    It never ceases to amaze me how naive so many people are regarding the presidency and the outrageously unrealistic standards that they apply to them after they are elected (as if, by waving some kind of magic wand, everything they've indicated they want to strive for and struggled for will instantaneously come true.)

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