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  •  I already said work through the amendment process (1+ / 0-)
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    The only thing a Constitutional Convention does is possibly-and this is not settled- cut Congress out of the process. As for not having a grasp, you do not even mention that legal scholar are not even sure how to call another convention or how to set it up.

    And I find it curious that we talk reverently about the Constitution while ignoring that it was built to make change slow and hard to achieve without building and sustaining a consensus.

    Here is a very brief, but sourced essay on the dangers. Calling a Constitutional Convention is essentially blowing up the current document and everything is up for grabs which you do not want to acknowledge for some reason.

    You also do not seem to take seriously the concerns that African-Americans and Native-American would have should we decide to start over and do things better.

    So whether the call is coming from the Left or the Right, I doubt seriously if most citizens want to blow up the Constitution and start from scratch because neither side seems to deal with who is going to get screwed and it is dishonest to tell people that we can be certain that we'll all be better off if we were to propose this.

    There is no shortcut around persuading people and organizing those people to continue to turn out and vote. The Right did well for decades and the Left seems not to really want to meet the challenge.

    The politicians may be bought, and the system corrupt, but it is our duty to fix these things.

    by sebastianguy99 on Sat Jul 06, 2013 at 09:44:53 PM PDT

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    •  We're all already worse off because we haven't (0+ / 0-)

      done a second (or even more) Con Con yet. The very thing that needs to be changed is "Federalism" and that is the one thing that cannot be accomplished in a piecemeal fashion.

      As for "everything being up for grabs", you could not be more wrong. Absent Ratification nothing changes. And a Ratification handing this Center Left country over to any extreme force is simply never going to happen.

      There can be no protection locally if we're content to ignore the fact that there are no controls globally.

      by oldpotsmuggler on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 07:21:20 AM PDT

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