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    The top 1% has been running away since at least 1970. And yes, sorry, an 8.8% tax increase on investment income is a HUGE deal in this climate. Care to show me anywhere in the last 50 years where anything like that was actually achieved by a President? Obama and Clinton, that's it, and fighting and screaming for every dollar.

    Instead of paying 15% on the net of his $20 million gross each year, Romney is paying 23.8% - you don't think that matters?

    Why do you think the muckymucks HATE Obamacare? Because it hit them in the wallet, and hard, that's why.

    Shiny toy? Wtf do you expect him to do? Institute by Presidential fiat some law that prevents people from making more than "X" dollars/year? Or maybe he could DECLARE that student loans are at 1%, or that minimum wage will be $15/hour and scaling with inflation, or that all Americans now have cradle-to-grave health care, or...or...or...

    Well, then, I guess he'd have to be a king, wouldn't he?
    Or maybe a Messiah?

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