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  •  Oh! So glad this story ends well (1+ / 0-)
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    for the diarist. What an experience!!

    Now, we just need a whole country-full of good stories and experiences like this.

    Sadly, it makes me sick to my stomach that most of us will not be this fortunate.

    Hubbie and I are medical insurance poor and I can't save any money for retirement as a result. We spend the entire year saving in order to cover property tax, school tax and fuel costs (wood and oil). Our home is modest (currently valued at less than $125,000), and yet the taxes come to so much due to out-of-control taxes levied in this rural area of NY state.

    Just sick of it.

    And we still don't know if the ACA is going to consider us below poverty level so we can get subsidized coverage. I get my insurance thru work and it is waaaaaaaay too much on my salary.

    I still can't believe we don't have Medicare for all, or single payer by now.

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