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View Diary: Boeing 777 crashes on landing at San Francisco International Airport (296 comments)

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  •  From Wiki... (6+ / 0-)

    UAL Flight 232

    catastrophic failure of its tail-mounted engine, which led to the loss of all flight controls. 111 people died in the accident while 185 survived
    I recalled it the other way around, glad I looked it up. I recall the pilot being very hard on himself for any loss of life, and thinking to myself "man, if you had not made such an effort, you would ALL be dead"

    That was some scary footage...

    •  Several of the dead where small children. I (5+ / 0-)

      recall one of the flight attendants berating herself for instructing the parents to position the kids the way that they had trained to do.  They died specifically because of how they had been positioned for the crash.  Everyone knew that they probably wouldn't survive, as there was at least an hour between the time they lost hydrolics and landed.

      Correct on the pilot.... he was extremely hard on himself.  The airlines made him retire shortly afterwards because of age.  Screw that shit.... he's the pilot I WANT to be flying any plane that was on!!!  Just like the pilot that managed to get the Hawaiian plane back on the ground after a section of the top of the plane peeled off.  Both were very seasoned and well trained pilots.  Did you know that you can tell if the pilot was Navy or Air Force trained.... Navy pilots make a short, hard, fast landing and Air Force pilots leisurely tap down and then slow down.

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