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  •  ...well, that friend of mine who turned out... (3+ / 0-) be a sociopath (hey, you have no idea until you've had one in your life...THEN you'll never, ever NOT see it in the future. Once you've had a sociopath in your life you'll NEVER have another)...this friend of my truly only could feel how HE was being affected. That was the only thing that existed for him. I'm not kidding.

    The only way he would do anything is if it was his decision. He never did anything other than what he wanted.

    So, I was able to "work with him" as you say only by he making every decision. So, if I could show him a way he could be even MORE diabolical and misleading and deceptive...he'd always go with that.

    By his own admission the most important thing to him was how he appeared to he could get others to think about him. He had NO respect for people who are real and genuine. As a matter of fact, he saw that as a total character flaw.

    The only think he respected was faking it.  

    So, it was actually a little bit of game...because everything to him was a game. And the game was to exalt himself while simultaneously harming and diminishing others.

    Once I finally understood how he saw the world...and it is black and white...they if I could convince him that choosing an option he hadn't thought about would be MORE ego satisfying...he'd jump at it. Of course, he always believed everything he did was his idea.

    That's OK because, I didn't exist...

    Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences. -7.38; -3.44

    by paradise50 on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 12:17:44 PM PDT

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