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View Diary: Update: Canada "Ghost Train"on Fire Hours Before Runaway (138 comments)

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  •  Corporations are people, my friend! (5+ / 0-)

    Really, really stupid people.
    Completely ignoring the horror that ensued, what kind of brain dead pack of idiots thinks it's a good idea to leave a multi-multi-million dollar train completely unattended?
    Can't work your crews past a set number of hours?  Fine.  Hire someone to keep track of when the active crew is nearing their time limit and have a second crew ready to take over.
    Here's a crazy idea: while you're at it, hire enough crews that you don't have to work them to the legal limit.
    Oh, I'm sorry.  Will that eat into your profit margin this quarter?
    Well, what the hell do you think the legal and insurance costs on this mess are gonna cost you?
    Good business practice today means cut the margins and safety limits to the bone, then cheat some more and hope nothing goes wrong on your watch.
    This is what it gets.  I hope someone besides the off going engineer ends up in prison for this.

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