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  •  Class Distinction on the Seas (4+ / 0-)

    The current class divisions in the air remind me of similar divisions during the golden age of steamship travel. Back then as first-class passengers dined on lobster and caviar, those below decks in steerage ate basic plain food such as stews. Instead of suites, they were packed four to six in a cabin.

    The dirty little secret which is probably true today is first class passengers didn't pay enough to cover the costs of their passage. While much higher then those in steerage, the upper crust had much of the their costs subsidized by the steerage passengers.

    The German airship Hindenburg had only one class of passenger and subsidized its passages with mail.

    These artificial class barriers spring up because some of "Our Betters" have a need to put us little people in our place. Or maybe it's their basic insecurities that we will find out they are really frauds after all.

    •  However, cruise ships no longer do that (1+ / 0-)
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      Except, I think, for Cunard. And even there, it's not nearly that distinct.

      The biggest difference on a cruise ship is where and how large your cabin is. The biggest suites often have a special lounge, with some special perks like free drinks before dinner, and access to a concierge to help with reservations for some things.

      Nowadays cruise lines are more interested in loyalty programs.

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