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  •  I had an instant dislike to Criminal Minds. (1+ / 0-)
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    The characters in the first show I watched, and in others I've caught snippets of, were all capable of instantly analyzing the villains with incredible accuracy and certainty.  No doubt some is due to the short 42 minutes they get to play with on their hour long show - there's not much opportunity for wrong guesses or character development other than snippets over the season arcs.  However, I just got turned off on how they always instantly knew serial murderer motivations and plans.

    That being said, the new series "Crossing Lines" with Donald Sutherland seems to me to be a Criminal Minds but playing out as investigators for the International Criminal Court.  I am able to accept this because while the characters are brilliant and able to come to quick, correct decisions, the main character has limitations (physical) and several are dealing with damaged pasts - lost loves, lost kids and so I believe the character development is much better and I've only watched three hours of the show.  I also love that it takes place in Europe, so I get that eye candy of the various cities, and I also love that it's the ICC - an agency that the US fears and won't accept for membership because Freedumb and American Exceptionalism.  Bush, Cheney and their cabal would be eligible for war crimes trials in the ICC if the US had ever agreed to be a signatory to it, though of course the US would never accept that it might have to surrender to a non-US entity, especially a President.

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