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View Diary: How Hollywood sold America Total Information Awareness (113 comments)

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  •  Probably industry sold it to NSA (0+ / 0-)

    Industry (not restricted to Hollywood) has been clamoring for a long time for the government to step in to stop intellectual property theft, data theft and malicious hacking. The programs revealed by Snowden are their dreams come true.  All that's needed now is a Congressional blessing of the due-process-free interdiction and punishment industry sought through CISPA.

    When so many other countries have similar surveillance capability, the most likely source is industry.  Why would the US government give up an edge? And if industry sowed those capabilities in  other countries, they probably sowed them in the U.S., as well.

    And, if they were the sowers and intended reapers of these programs, that suggests that they effectively control them.

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