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  •  Very timely, thanks for writing. My brother (7+ / 0-)

    in law was recently diagnosed with ADD.  He's 50 next month.  He's also suffering from severe depression and anxiety due to the recent suicide of his 14 year old son.  Now that he's in what I call the medical maze, two different doctors and a psychiatrist have had him on several different medications for sleep, anxiety, depression and now ADD.  Not sure what and I'm not questioning their medical practices so much as concerned about the sudden introduction of so many medications, at the same time of severe grieving and pressure to change his lifestyle:  give up smoking, eat better, and stop self-medicating with pot.  Do you think the book you linked to would be helpful?  BTW, although he's always been my favorite BIL, (he's such a sweet man), his four older brothers are very accomplished and he has always felt "stupid" (his words) compared to them.  Meanwhile, he is a very skilled and gifted mechanic.  I'm just so worried that there is simply too much on his plate right now, although his wife says the diagnosis has actually been helpful.  I'm worried though about him being able to handle the pressure of all the medications and changes.  Any suggestions or thoughts?  

    •  You are right to worry (1+ / 0-)
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      Just about every feel-good guru that I've ever read recommends taking things in bite-size portions. People with ADD are so easily overwhelmed just by the natural flow of life (I need go no further than my own first-hand experience) that your brother's treatment seems questionable to me. I'm certainly not qualified to give any advice, but I would strongly recommend that he consider some alternate views.

      In answer to your question about whether Driven to Distraction would help...I can only speak for me and it really gave me some profound insights into my own situation. In fact, when you listed his issues they all apply to me as well. I did, through some miracle, quit cigarettes (2 packs a day) in 1981, but I did pot for quite a number of years and have only recently been able to move away from it. I also hit the bottle pretty hard for a number of years and luckily was able to walk away from that about 15 years ago. So my own experience has been to try to slay one dragon at a time keeping in mind that each victory gets you closer to taking charge of your own life.

      I hope he gets the help he needs and having concerned family members like yourself is worth more than anything.

      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

      by GEldridge on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 03:22:31 PM PDT

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