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  •  Who were we going to support? (7+ / 0-)


    His dalliances aside, was he a better fit?

    Gravel? I like him, he's a bit off the beaten track.

    Biden? "Mr. CreditCards are forever non-dishargeable debt"?

    Hillary? More Obama than Obama and can I have a third way ticket to hegemony?

    Kucinich? If they're unidentified, it means we haven't identified them yet........

    point me in the left right direction.

    •  kucinich for sure (7+ / 0-)

      a great man, who would have been a great president. sadly, i believe if he had ever come within a prayer of the white house, he would have been neutralized.

      the bottom line is that you can choose to vote for whoever you like, even outside candidates, but the game is still 100% rigged. people like howard dean, ron paul, kucinich, gravel, never, ever, get a chance to win in the end.

    •  None of the above (1+ / 0-)
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      J M F

      I bought into "lesser evil" logic for a long time. I worked my heart out for Obama, and gave the max in oth 04 and 08.

      Now I realize it makes no damn difference. From now on I'm voting my conscience even if the candidate I vote or "can't win."  I voted or Obama to keep his promises.  We're still if AF-Pak, Gitmo is still open,and Zhomeland Sekurity continues to erode our freedoms.

      Enough. Basta, I'm done with this Democratic Party establishment.  There are one individual Dems I can still support, but fewer than there used to be.

      And so far I not honk any of them will run for president.

    •  Hey, I was an Edwards supporter in the beginning (0+ / 0-)

      I really bought into his rhetoric of the Two Americas. This was all way pre-scandal, of course.

      If anything, I think the Obama presidency has taught us that Newton's Laws of Motion are alive and well in politics. The system has its own inertia, and counteracting that inertia in order to effect real change is a difficult, lengthy and time-consuming process. In other words no matter whether Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Kucinich or Omir had been elected president, the end result would be just about what it is right now with regard to most important issues. (Granted, Obama has done a lot better job with health care than I would have.)

      Steal a trillion, too big to fail. Steal a thousand, go to jail.

      by Omir the Storyteller on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 10:14:39 PM PDT

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