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View Diary: Chuck Todd points out the 'Republican Saboteurs' of ObamaCare while conveniently ignoring the Host's (34 comments)

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  •  It's a political position (5+ / 0-)

    and a "play"  for the long term.

    On the political side, right now the ACA belongs entirely to the Democrats in the minds of the vast, vast majority of the country. That means that if implementation goes well, Dems get all the credit.  If implementation goes badly, Dems get all the blame.  Republicans are betting that implementation will go badly, and Dems will get all the blame.  In their view, allowing some "fixes" would be throwing a political life preserver to Democrats -- it would mean Republicans are taking part ownership of the ACA, and would take some of the blame for the messy implementation that Republicans are betting on.  

    On the "long term," Republicans apparently think that the worse implementation goes, the better chance they have of ultimately replacing the ACA with something more to their liking -- and they can take credit for saving the health care system.  I've heard them say that the system will "collapse," and I think they think a complete "collapse" is their best chance to get the kind of system they want.  They think that if the "Democratic plan" fails, the country will be open to their plan.

    It's a huge, huge bet by the Republicans that the implementation of the ACA will not go well.  So they are not gong to lift a finger to help ameliorate that.  If you place a huge bet that your home team is going to lose the Superbowl, you are not, in the week before the game, going to try to give them strategy for winning. I think it's as simple as that.  

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