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View Diary: Chuck Todd points out the 'Republican Saboteurs' of ObamaCare while conveniently ignoring the Host's (34 comments)

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  •  Andrea Mitchell Is Totally Out of It (2+ / 0-)
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    Andrea Mitchell is totally out of it.

    That's not news.

    She seems to think the topic involves setting up the state exchanges.  Some Repuglicant governors are being pains in the ass by refusing to facilitate these, so the feds have been setting up the exchanges in those states.  That bit of sabotage was anticipated in the law.  And was reported months ago.  

    So, that's not news, either.

    This is sloppiness and laziness on her part.

    Lacking anything worth saying she concludes with a brainless summation of the Repuglicant's whine "that something needs to be delayed, that something's not working".

    Andrea, I believe it is you who is not doing any work.

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