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View Diary: Breaking: Chief Justice John Roberts, Not the Obama admin is the Power Over NSA Surveillance (562 comments)

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  •  Hannah, did you ever see Fahrenheit 911? (33+ / 0-)

    When Michael Moore asked John Conyers if anybody ever actually READ the Patriot Act before they voted for it?  And he said, no.

    So Michael Moore rented an ice cream truck and drove around the Congress building, reading aloud the Patriot Act.

    It isn't a Democrat versus Republican thing.  Both parties were on board for it, and neither party wanted to get bogged down in the icky, gooey details.

    (Nazi analogy warning...)  For those of us that worry about such things, the parallel to the Patriot Act for Germany was the 1933 Enabling Act, the act passed in the immediate aftermath of the Burning of the Reichstag by terrorists.  No, neither Obama nor Bush are Hitler, but it's the textbook historical model for how a western democracy commits suicide this way.  The dangers of terrorism require that we sacrifice our rights for the better good.

    •  The PATRIOT Act was a compendium of (12+ / 0-)

      amendments to lots of laws that had been sitting on the shelves waiting for an opportunity to implement the "improvements" desired by various agencies.
      Agents of law enforcement have little love for courts, either, because dotting i's and crossing t's is a lot of work and respecting people's rights is a nuisance.
      Cons, regardless of party designation, are about autonomy and power. The people governing does not sit well with them. Although the colleges and universities have pretty much given up trying to rule in loco parentis -- in the place of parents -- our agents of government still seem dedicated to the principle that "father knows best."
      If lawmakers don't have authority, where in the world are they going to find it?

      Willful ignorance should be a cause for dismissal, but candidates for elected office hardly ever get questioned about their competence. Begging dollars from donors is supposed to be some sort of validator.
      "Put a beggar on horseback......"

      We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

      by hannah on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 07:52:35 AM PDT

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    •  That was one of my favorite parts. (1+ / 0-)
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      And I reckon the same thing could be said of the Affordable Care Act with regard to the Republicans who seem to have gotten all their "knowledge" about it from less than reliable sources.

      But I digress.

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