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  •  Kwasman has weaknesses (13+ / 0-)

    Any race in a district this swingy should not be taken lightly. Kirkpatrick will always have to fight for the seat.

    But there are lots of reasons to question whether Kwasman is the strongest potential nominee here.

    Geographically, he is poorly located. He comes from the far southern section of the district, representing a suburb of Tucson that was only tacked onto the district in the last redistricting. It is far from the media and population centres of the district. (Before running for legislature, he managed a Congressional campaign -for crazed Jesse Kelly, who ran against Gabby Giffords - in a Tucson-based district.) The 1st district overall is very different turf from his home base Tucson suburban territory.... whether he is prepared for the political realities of a territory that includes huge reservations, the yuppie New Age Sedona, the college town of Flagstaff, old mining towns, and similar diverse territory.

    He is heavily identified with the tea party and far right elements in the state. He plays to them by giving fiery speeches denouncing taking extreme positions, and peppers his language with lots of Paul-esque references to "Liberty". He used to work at the Cato institute in DC. While these things are not necessarily politically lethal in Arizona, they give Democrats some grounds to critique. (And given some of the internal AZ Republican divisions - for example over Brewer's Medicaid stance - it doesn't necessarily help him consolidate his base).

    His age. Sometimes young candidates can come off as offering a fresh voice and new energy. But Kwasman (who is 31), from what I've seen and heard, often grates people the wrong way. To many he looks like the classic "young man in a hurry" who has trouble hiding his own ambitions, has an overly high opinion of himself and what he has accomplished, and ends up looking more like a pompous self-important socially awkward policy wonk than a guy in touch with real people. He was only elected to the legislature in 2012, and almost immediately began positioning himself for a Congressional run. That sort of thing often turns people off.

    I don't want to under-estimate him - Kirkpatrick is always going to be vulnerable. But there is lots about him that may mean he isn't the strongest candidate Republicans could run.

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    by terjeanderson on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 09:24:59 AM PDT

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