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  •  good start (4+ / 0-)

    Next step: make this easier on your dad since he  is the one preparing most meals for her at the moment.

    So, you get in your kitchen and cook up some healthy meals in batches big enough to freeze , then reheated in the microwave at meal time in their house.

    Choose meals with a sneaky eye at slipping it past both of them that this is healthy eating ... use some organic meats as flavoring  or portion controlled meat course since your father is old-school and expects meat on his plate, whole grain pastas and/or brown rice/quinoa etc and lots of good wholesome veggies that are in season.

    Just show up with a weeks worth of frozen meals ... Since I think I am recognizing your parents in myself, I am pretty certain they will be inherently unable to throw out food that is not spoiled, meaning they will at least nibble at this more wholesome stuff on their  plates. ;)

    You could also show up with a new blender plus the ingredients you used for that smoothie and offer to teach Dad how to do it.  Might work .  :)

    •  if you're going to try to get weight off parents (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      go to gluten-free substitutes for bread, cereals, pasta &C.

      Oat flour, or rice flour, or even corn flour, instead of barley, rye, or wheat.

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