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  •  Cancer research not their priority (IMHO) (0+ / 0-)
    - Cherry-picking healthier and wealthier patients,
    - Ditching older, poorer, and sicker patients,
    I can't speak to that but I do know that, while the majority of the company was lucky to have a single laser printer in their department, the collections department had one on every desk. Reason: any time someone got up from their desk to get something off a centralized printer was a minute that that person wasn't on the phone collecting payments. (And Lord forbid one of those collections people pause to strike up a conversation with a fellow employee and waste a minute not spent on hassling patients and their families for payments.)
    - Charging for unproven and likely ineffective treatments,
    Yeah, there was a fair amount of non-traditional treatments that I heard about.
    - Misreporting their outcomes,
    Oddly, when I started with them, there was a project underway to build a database where outcomes could be tracked and used to determine the most effective treatments, etc. Shut down due to cost before it even began. Outcomes, as it turned out, weren't terribly important then.
    - And making him a tidy fortune in the process.
    But of course.

    The place turns my stomach nowadays whenever I see the ads on the tube.

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