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View Diary: America - Why Does a "Freedom Loving Nation" Live in Fear? (29 comments)

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  •  I tend to think all this fear (6+ / 0-)

    began with the suspension of the fairness doctrine and the subsequent evolution of right-wing media.  Fear--and selling fear--drives market share.  As Limbaugh ruled the airwaves and corporations gobbled up tv/radio/newspaper, news departments became profit centers, and fear sells.

    Fear is also contagious.  It began with the whole "your child might be kidnapped if you fail to watch him/her every second of every day" news stories, which encouraged people to silo themselves and hover anxiously over the families.  Neighbors became potential threats.  It feeds itself.

    "I speak the truth, not as much as I would, but as much as I dare, and I dare a little the more, as I grow older." --Montaigne

    by DrLori on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 08:50:59 AM PDT

    •  I had a conversation about this (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Susan from 29

      just last weekend.

      We were talking about the freedom to roam we had as kids, and how that has largely disappeared.

      I made the point that the only danger I can see that has increased, is from traffic.

      I hope that the quality of debate will improve,
      but I fear we will remain Democrats.

      Who is twigg?

      by twigg on Mon Jul 08, 2013 at 11:13:16 AM PDT

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