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  •  A bell curve adjusted by culture is another theory (3+ / 0-)
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    Brian A, blueoasis, FarWestGirl

    When I was in high school (the 1980s), we had a sex-ed teacher who claimed that human sexuality is a bell curve where by instinct 80% of us would be bisexual to some degree - with the majority right smack in the middle.

    Culture then adjusts this in one direction or another, and for the modern era has put strong pressure towards heterosexuality.

    So her theory was basically: "Most of you are bisexual, and culture has pushed you out of that towards heterosexual. Culture can't push someone from one end of the dial to the other, but it can cause someone to repress a part of their nature."

    BUT the modern era has also done a lot more sexualizing of the image of women and female beauty than of the male form... so I would guess this works as a contra-pressure in culture, causing the pressure towards heterosexuality to be slightly lesser among women.

    Not to mention than female homosexuality and bisexuality are highly fetishized (sp?) in modern culture (the "adult" industry would go bankrupt without this...).
    - Which may mean barriers that saw it as a threat are breaking down faster.

    In theory, if that high school teacher was right, the dial can go the other way, and her evidence was cultures like ancient Greece and Rome (but do we really know if those cultures were favoring of homosexual male conduct, or just accepting, or even just fetishized).

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