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View Diary: Why Scientists Don't Understand Anything about Sexual Orientation (214 comments)

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    when asked if I think being gay is an innate or learned behavior, I say, "I don't care." Because I don't.

    Gay sex is not dangerous, immoral, or irrational. Whether you choose to have sex with a person of your own gender or not, there is no valid reason to prevent it as long as both people involved are consenting and adult.

    In a free society (as ours purports to be, but which it is clearly not) the state has no interest in who an adult has sex with or their genders.

    While it may be an interesting biological footnote, whether being gay is nature or nurture should have no bearing on society's position on the subject. We are free people. Who we have sex with is none of the state's business.

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      and when people start talking causation you need to start asking why they are asking. Usually "scientific" "research" in this arena leads to notions of "fixing" fairly quickly. It all starts out with a innocent "we just wanna know" stance.

      •  I have no doubt that any number of scientists (0+ / 0-)

        really just do want to know, the same way earlier scientists wanted to know what causes eye color.

        But there's no way they can stop their research from being seized upon by those with other agendas.

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